Ready Mix Concrete

Family-owned concrete business serving California’s Central Valley since 1979.

P & L Concrete Products, Inc. is committed to providing quality ready-mix concrete at competitive prices with exceptional customer service. 

We offer several concrete mix designs suitable for any construction project and special mix designs are available. Want color? We use the latest technology in liquid color by Davis with a variety of color choices. Powder color by Davis is also available. Price estimates will be gladly given – just call our concrete sales/dispatch at 209-838-1448 Extension #2.


A Cart-Away is a towable rotating concrete mixer with a total capacity of 1 cyd of ready-mix concrete. The concrete mix is available in a 5 sack or 6 sack mix design with 3/4″ minus rock only and the mix is available in 1/4 cyd increments.
In order to tow this trailer a vehicle must have the adequate suspension and the proper hitch system. If necessary, call to confirm your vehicle’s compliance.
NOTE: There are distance restrictions for use of the CartAway, as well as time restrictions. Please call with any questions. (209) 838-1448
Estimated Concrete calculation: 1 cyd = 80sf @ 4″ thick or 55sf @ 6″ thick.